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We Are There For Our Community...

No organization is an island, the same is true for men. Many parts have to come together to create a good and healthy man, one of those is to aspire to be a pillar in our communities. This is not done for any other reason then to make other peoples' lives better in any way we can, large or small.

Sandy Hook Little League
NJ Veterans Mem. Home
Hurricane Sandy Relief
We are the proud supporters of the Cardinals within the S.H.L.L. How did the Cardinals do last years? Well, they played very well. We can't wait for next year! The NJ Veterans Memorial Home, located in Menlo Park, NJ is home to many veterans and their wive's from all of our wars. We are often sighted there escorting these fine people to Sunday Service. When Hurricane Sandy devistated the Bayshore, Monmouth Lodge went into action by holding an emergency clothing drive. The response was so overwhelming that every family that needed clothes, blankets and shoes was taken care of.


Teacher Of The Year
US Naval Sea Cadets
Atl. Highlands Chess Club
Every year, Monmouth Lodge picks a teacher in our communities that is making a difference in our childs' educational career. Teachers should be honored for the selfless work they do, our award is just our way of showing it. The Sea Cadets teach our kids valueable leadership skills and responsibility from as early as age 11. Team work and camaraderie are just some of the gifts these kids learn. We are always there for them when asked. Think chess is just a game? well it is, but it teaches our children critical thinking, strategy and problem solving. Monmouth Lodge provides the instructors to the Atlantic Highlands Library for this rewarding program. Some of the students go on to advanced competition.