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Monmouth Lodge Hosts a Trip to Citi Field 8/13/2016

Take Me Out to The Ball Game! Monmouth Lodge will host a bus trip from our doors in Atlantic Highlands, to Citi Field to watch the New York Mets take on the San Diego Padres. After the game, a special concert by STYX will be performed (the concert is also included).

We will depart from the Lodge building at 4pm, the seats are located down the right field power alley. Food and beverages, both soft and hard, will be served on the Bus to and from the game. After the game, we will enjoy the STYX concert, reboard the bus, and be safley driven back to the Lodge building. Price is $70.00 per person and that includes everything!

For more information, or to reserve your tickets, Please call Rob Cross @ (732) 673-7776 or John Plumacher @ (732) 500-6084. Right now, we still have tickets, so call now!


It's Summer!!!

Summertime! a time to attend to our families and lives while the Lodge is on refreshment. However, we still need to tend to our craft and Lodge Building during this time. This summer we will be continuing our traing on ritual (upcoming Fellow Craft Degree) as well as sprucing up the building. We will work on downstairs, and add some much needed closet space upstairs. So Please enjoy your summer, but to allow us some time as your cable tow will allow.


Monmouth Lodge Holding Child ID Program @ Middletown Day

No matter how careful we may be as parents, no matter how safe our town might be, the unthinkable happens. Children in the United States do go missing, for many reasons. and the Grand Lodge of New Jersey wants to make sure everyone is prepared for the unthinkable.

With this in mind, Monmouth Lodge and the Grand Lodge of New Jersey are supporters of the Child Identification Program. with this, parents have a ready kit to assist the police in finding our children sooner, and sooner means the chances of getting the home safe is far better. Each kit contains a digital photo of your child, a dental impression (which also acts as a DNA sample, fingerprints and a short video interview with your child to record mannerisms and voice patterns. Nothing is kept for any database, all matieral is presented back to the parents to be held, then we hope the kit is never needed. The only thing the Lodge keeps is a permission slip signed by the parents.

This program is always free of charge, no money will be asked of you. This service is happily provided by us and the Grand Lodge of NJ. We will begin at 10:00am at Middletown Day, September 24, 2016. We will be there all day.